Love the Car?, Love the Year?, Love the Look?  Well—  American Classic Car Parts will help you discover the passion, the drive, the determination found in building a classic corvette or any of the classic vehicles  from the great classic car years. The classic car convertibles, as an example, are classic vehicles that are rewarding and uplifting to restore and build  for a true car enthusiast.

The right  products and American classic car parts, can be found  to build your car along with the tools needed,  to tap into the right person to answer a question  about a certain car. This site is built for the classic cars lover,  by a person  who understands  cars and their working parts and  a person who can “talk the talk” of the classic car restoration mechanic.

Build the car of yesteryear, drive, feel and live your dream on the road in a muscle car, a 1969 classic cars like a Chevelle SS,  a Classic 1932 Ford. Hear the engine from a mile away, pop the clutch  and feel the horsepower  while shifting gears.

Classic vehicles, of years ago, now race and hum along the highways of today, in grand style, with their classic car exhausts gathering the approval of all who catch a  glimpse of their silhouettes in passing.

Purchasing  parts from this website provides guaranteed parts, guaranteed products for the cars you build, the cars you drive.

Working on engines, cars, motors has been a piece of me since I was a young man.  Working at the auto-body shop, building a classic car with friends , for hours on end, until the dream became true and I was able to drive the classic car  throughout the roads and highways of my town.

I found myself  working with a wonderful entrepreneur for many years on his classic vehicles, this man  understood that only the finest quality engines would be installed in  his finest  classic vehicles. The classic car years, the  1932 Ford  Roadsters and sedans equipped with flat-heads and high performance components of the era, a dream  was found where I could make, build, and construct these great classic vehicles,

Hours of work were performed on these of cars that  he owned and showcased.

Classic cars of decades ago are valued for their look, their feel, their memories.  With quality purchases in parts and products return on your investment is evident, as people are looking and buying quality, high profile  American Classic Cars.

We “know” the engines, we “know” the cars, we understand the questions, the nuts the bolts of these vehicles, we have built cars and understand a working man’s love of  keeping American Classic Cars alive is a very important part of a person’s dream come true.